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Our Philosophy

The Profumeria Italiana project began when the Pharmacy opened up the adjacent storefront that directly faces the Piazza del Popolo of Montalcino. From the start we selected top Italian products opting for what we believe to be a selection of suitable products for our clientele. Our first collaborations were with Etro Profumi of Milan and Acqua di Parma. We have since become official carriers of the prestigious brand Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella di Firenze. Other important brands have become part of our selection of Italian perfumeries: the award-winning Lorenzo Villoresi di Firenze, the historical soap works Valobra di Genova (1903), the very Tuscan brand Acqua di Bolgheri, the renowned profumery from Parma Borsari 1870 with its must-haves Acqua Classica and Violetta di Parma, the very original Ortigia di Siracusa and Dr. Vranjes with his home fragrances. In addition, we have created the Profumeria Italiana Salvioni Montalcino (PISM) brand, which features our personal selection of the best Italian scents in the world of fragrances. Our clients will thus find the characteristics of excellence and historical authenticity in the perfumes inside the landmark Pharmacy on the Square of Montalcino, managed by our family since 1905. History within history.

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